• Howard Stark is on a pleasure trip in Monaco. When he returns he discovers that Someone had cut a hole into the vault at his mansion and stole his inventions stored there. A couple of weeks later his inventions start turning up at the black market.[2]






  • While waiting for her tea to be ready Peggy Carter daydreams about her last contact with Steve Rogers.[2]
  • Peggy Carter's roommate, Colleen O'Brien, returns from her nightshift at the factory and tells Carter about her day. Ten more woman have been replaced by war veterans.[2]
  • At the New York Bell Company Office Roger Dooley puts Jack Thompson in charge on the search for Howard Stark. Thompson plans to ground his planes and frees his bank accounts. At the end of the meeting Ray Krzeminski makes a remark about Carter knowing many men during the war, after which Daniel Sousa stands up for Carter.[2]
  • Carter tells Sousa that he should not have stood up for her, to which Sousa reacts that he is tired of seeing the men treat Carter as their secretary. Before ending their conversation Thomspon asks Carter to archive a bunchload of surveilliance reports, because she is better at that kind of thing.[2]
  • That evening Carter has dinner at the L&L Automat, while getting some food Edwin Jarvis places a note saying "Meet in the alley in 5 minutes" on her table.[2]
  • Outside of the L&L Automat Jarvis approaches Carter, telling her to cme with him. Carter, not trusting him, knocks Jarvis out before running away from an approaching car. When she is enable to escape she shoots at the cars tire. Howard Stark then opens the door of the car.[2]
  • Howard Stark takes Carter to the harbor. On the ride there Stark explains her the situation and asks her to clear his name. This would make her a double agent and a traitor.[2]

Howard meeting with Peggy Carter before going into hiding

  • Before leaving overseas Stark aks Carter to make sure that the formula for Nitramene, which is supposed to hit the market in the next day or two, does not get in the wrong hands. He also tells Carter then Jarvis will assist here when needed.[2]




The refinery explosion



DC Factory

Peggy Carter inspecting the Daisy Clover Factory



Peggy Carter's interview


  • During breakfast at the Griffith Hotel Miriam Fry tells a story about a visit from Houdini, who did not manage to ascend the stairway. She then tells Molly Bowden she has to leave the Griffith for allowing a man into her room.[3]
  • In Roger Dooleys office he, Jack Thompson and Ray Krzeminski discuss what they learned about Leet Brannis and the things they found at the Hotel Cosmopolitan. Thompson is tasked with learning the identity man in the green suit. Before being able to do so Daniel Sousa informs them all that the license plate belonged to a car owned by Howard Stark.[3]
  • Peggy Carter visits Howard Stark's Mansion to investigate its vault. Before being able to do so Sousa and Thomspon arrive at the mansion in search for the car. After Jarvis tells them that the car has been stolen a few days before they take him with them to the New York Bell Company Office.[3]
  • Instead of investigating the vault Carter also travels to the office and enters the observation room to listen to Thompson interrogating Jarvis. When Thompson threatens with a deportation Carter leaves the observation room. She then fakes a stolen car report and hands it over to Dooley, which gives Jarvis a reason to leave the New York Bell Company Office.[3]
  • Back in Dooleys office he angerly sends her away, after making her apologize to Thompson.[3]
  • That evening Carter gets ready to investigate Howard Stark's vault. Before being able to leave Angie Martinelli knocks on her door and enters her room with the wish to talk about their day. Carter, who has not got the time to do so sends her away, giving her the excuse that she wants to go to bed.[3]
  • The moment Martinelli leaves Carter her room Miriam Fry walks by with a new tenant, Dottie Underwood. Fry introduces them to eachother.[3]
  • Upon arriving at Stark's mansion Carter, who had listened to the interrogation, asks if Jarvis has some things he wants to tell her. When he tells her he has not the enter the house to investigate the vault. The decend into the hole in the floor, leading towards the sewers.[3]
  • At the New York Bell Company Office Daniel Sousa and Ray Krzeminski start their night shift. Jack Thompson, before leaving, gives them a file with the information he recieved about the man in the green suit, Sasha Demidov, telling them that he, just like Leet Brannis had died in Finow.[3]
  • Edwin Jarvis and Peggy Carter follow the sewers. While following the path Jarvis tells Carter the reason he was dishonourable discharged and charged with treason. He also tells her that it is because of Stark he and his wife got out.[3]
  • At the end of the sewers Carter reconizes the symbol Brannis had drawn for her on a boat, the heartbreak. In the boat they find a big part of Stark's stolen items. At first Catrer plans to turn the items in herself, so she could get the credits and be respected. Jarvis advices her not to, because she would only be seen as a possible collaberator of Stark. Carter then tells Jarvis to call the Strategic Scientific Reserve, to make sure that Sousa gets the credits and that they do not reconize his voice.[3]
  • After recieving the anomynous tip Sousa and Ray Krzeminski travel to the harbor.[3]
  • On the ship Carter fights Jerome Zandow, the protector of the stolen items. When Jarvis appears his attention shifted towards him. Carted then uses a device called the Constrictor to take him down.[3]
  • Upon arriving Sousa and Krzeminski find the items and the knocked down Zandow. They then call for reinforcement to bring the items back to the office. Krzeminski is ordered to bring Zandow to the office. While waiting at a stop sign a car driven by an unknown woman rams their car. Krzeminski gets out of the car, just to be killed by the woman, who afterwards also kills Zandow.[3]



  • Peggy Carter arrives at the New York Bell Company Office to find both the women downstairs and the agents upstairs saddened by the death of Krzeminski. Sousa sees the death of Krzeminski as a reminder that death can happen any moment and thinks the annomynous tipper tricked them into coming, saying that he is going to find that bastard. Roger Dooley tells the agents that he blames Howard Stark and wants action plans to make sure they will not lose any more agents. He tells goes off to call Krzeminski's wife, while Jack Thompson calls his girlfriend.[3]
  • That evening Carter goes to the "L&L Automat" and tells Angie Martinelli about her job. They then go back to the Griffith Hotel to drink some schnapps.[3]


  • To make sure Howard Stark gets back into the country he and Jarvis made a deal with Otto Mink, a smugler. For 50,000 dollars Mink would deliver Stark at a New York trainstation.[4]
  • At the station Jarvis hands over the agreed upon amount of money to two of Mink's men. At the same time Peggy Carter takes out the three other men controling the area. After getting the money the two men try to threaten Jarvis into giving another 100,000 dollar, as a bribe to keep their mouths shut. Jarvis, who add first refuses to give more money, hands them his suitcase, which has a gas inside of it.[4]
  • The two of them then open the traincart in which Stark was transported into the country. In this cart, which is furnished expensively, Stark is playing pool.[4]
  • On their way to one of Starks most secret residents Carter orders to stop the car, warning them for agent Yauch and Henry, who are standing on look out for the resident. She instead takes Stark to her appartment at the Griffith Hotel. Carter uses the laundryshaft to send Stark upstairs, after which she is caught by Miriam Fry, who thinks Carter is bring a boy to her room.[4]
  • At the New York Bell Company Office Jack Thompson and Roger Dooley discuss the Battle of Finow and the Remote Typewriter. Dooley then tells Thompson that he plans to go to Germany talk about the battle with Ernst Mueller.[4]
  • Back at her room, before entering her appartment, Fry tells Carter that she still has to get her laundry, expecting to find a boy in the shaft. To her relief Stark has already left the shaft and entered the room of Lorraine, where they made out.[4]


  • Before going to work Stark gives Carter a Camera Pen to make photos of the inventions in the Strategic Scientific Reserves possession.[4]
  • At work Carter is ordered to take on the lunch orders. In the labratorium, while recieving the lunch order of Alex Doobin, she makes photos of the items stored her.[4]
  • In the hope of learning more about the annomynous tipper Daniel Sousa travels to the harbor. Here he first tries to recieve some fingerprints, before being distrubed by some gooms playing poker. Trying to get more information he gives them some nickles. Frank, one of the two gooms, refuses to give information and tries to punch Sousa for not going away. Sousa then takes him down and brings him back to the office for interrogation.[4]
  • After their failure at the trainstation the two men ordered to recieve the money are killed by Otto Mink. Before his death one of the two men told Mink that he heard Stark calling the woman that took them down Peggy.[4]
  • While checking the photos made by Carter Angie Martinelli knocks the door, asking if Carer is coming for communal dining. Howard Stark pushes Peggy Carter, who first said she would not join dinner, to go and eat, while also asking her to take some food for him with her.[4]
  • Sousa tells Frank about what happened when he just came back from the war, hoping this story would make Frank talk, which he does not.[4]
  • Before dinner Carter puts some of the food into her purse. Back in her room Stark tells carter that she has to steal one of the inventions called the Blitzkrieg Button, a decide that causes an instant city whipe out. He gives her a replacement, so they would not notice it being stolen.[4]
  • At the office Jack Thompson interupts the interrogation with a bottle of scotch and a hamburger. He tells Frank that if Frank tells what he has seen all of it would be his. Frank immediatly tells them about a well dressed man and a dark haired woman who went on and off the boat.[4]
  • In Germany Roger Dooley and Ernst Mueller talk about what happened in Finow. Dooley promises Mueller that if he tells him what happened he would help him escape. After telling Mueller about the hanging of another german prisoner he promises Mueller a painless death by taking cyanide. Mueller explains that there was no battle, that when the germans arrived all the Russians were already dead. Dooley then gave him a freshmint. Outside of the cell he also gives the guard a freshmint.[4]
  • Carter replaces the real with the fake Blitzkrieg Button, after which she nervously presses the button. To her suprise the device holds a vial of blood. While trying to leave the office she has to hide into the interregation room, where she bumps into Thompson, who tells her that no men would ever see her as equal.[4]
  • In her room Peggy Carter asks Howard Stark what is in the vial. She knocks him down when he tells her that it is Steve Rogers blood.[4]
  • Downstairs Otto Mink, who had been following Carter since she drove to the New York Bell Company Office, enters the Griffith Hotel disguised as a flower delivery boy. He hands the flowers over to Miriam Fry and after figuring out Carter her room number he leaves the building.[4]
  • Carter angrly talks to Stark about lying to her. Carter suspects Stark of using the vial to make millions of dollars and calls him a man who is out for his own gain no matter what. She tells him that she is done working as a corporate spy and angrly leaves the room to get away from his stink, telling Stark that he has to be gone when she gets back.[4]
  • When Dottie Underwood leaves her room she notices Mink trying to enter Carter her room. When she does not go back into her room after being told so by Mink he threatens her with a Automatic Pistol. Underwood who wants to have this gun kills him and drags the body to her room.[4]



  • Dottie Underwood wakes up after having dreamed about her days back at the Red Room Academy and starts her morning workout, before having breakfast with Peggy Carter at the L&L Automat. [5]
  • During breakfast Underwood plans a tour trough New York, with Carter giving her advice. Before they both leave the L&L Automat Underwood throws Carter's bag on the ground, making it look like an accident. While gathering Carter her stuff to put it back in her bag Underwood steals Carter her roomkey.[5]
  • On her way to work Carter buys todays newspaper at a stand. At the stand she is met by Edwin Jarvis who wants to have a moment of her time. While she does have a talk with him she does not want anything to do with him or Howard Stark anymore.[5]
  • At the New York Bell Company Office Daniel Sousa tells Carter that the Remote Typewriter turned it self on and recieved an encoded message. To help them crack the code Arlington Hall send them a cryptographer. Much to the displeasure of Roger Dooley and Jack Thompson the cryptographer is unable to break the code.[5]
  • Carter immediatly recognizes the code and breaks it. The code gives them the coordinates, time and the amount to pay for an item exchange between Howard Stark and Leviathan in Belarus.[5]
  • When Carter tells Dooley and Thompson that she wants to join Thompson, Rick Ramirez and Mike Li on their mission to Russia they are first against it. When she tells them that she can deliver the 107th Dooley tells her that she is allowed to join the mission if that happens. When she returns from a phonecall and tells them the 107th will meet them at the russian border Dooley allows her to join the mission. Dooley tells them both to gear up and roll out in an hour.[5]
  • After bringing the fieldreport to Thompson in the lockerroom Daniel Sousa is tricked into entering Carter her part of the room. Before leaving Thompson spots two dots on Carter her back.[5]
  • The team drops into Poland where the meet the 107th. Dum Dum Dugan, Junior Juniper, Pinky Pinkerton and Happy Sam Sawyer. Agent Ramirez was excited to meet the Howling Commandos, and as Sawyer said that he hated that name, Juniper complained, given that he was the one who created the name. Dugan tells Thompson that they will cross the border with Russia at Ashmyany, Lithuania.[5]
  • On their way to Lithuania Dugan and Carter share a cup of bourbon and talk about the trap they are running into.[5]
  • Back at the New York Bell Company Office Daniel Sousa realizes that Peggy Carter is the blond woman on the photos taken at La Martinique.[5]
  • While sitting at a campfire Carter and the Howling commando's make fun of Juniper, who supposedly saw a Yeti in Tibet. Carter then pushes Thompson into telling the reason he recieved a Navy Cross: while serving in Japan he saved his CEO and his camp from a Japanese attack.[5]
  • At a bar in New York Roger Dooley has a conversation with an old friend about the Battle of Finow: Howard Stark visited the location after the battle and punched general John McGinnis. A week later McGinnis resigned from the army and another week later Stark cuts his ties with the army.[5]


  • Infiltration into the Red Room Academy: At the Red Room Academy the team decide to split into two groups of four. In the Red Room Academy Carter her group enters a schoolroom focused on the United States of America. Agent Mike Li accidently starts an American cartoon with a hidden message behind it. Li then hears a Little Girl crying. They encounter the kid sitting against one of the beds in a sleeping hall. While Dugan talks to her she manages to get him distracted and stabs him with her knife. She then takes his gun and shoots Junior Juniper, killing him. Carter then stops Dugan from throwing a hand grenade into the shaft the girl used to espace before deciding they have to leave. While Dugan, Rick Ramirez and Pinky Pinkerton search for a way out Carter and the others enter a corridor. After killing the Russian soldier guarding the corridor they find a cell containing doctor Ivchenko and Nikola. Ivchenko tells Carter that they were improsened to build a weapon from a blueprint stolen from Stark. They free the prisoners and in the ensuing firefight with Leviathan operatives Mike Li is killed by the little girl. Nikolai, hoping for his freedom, offers to trade the three Americans if he and Ivchenko are free to leave. Tearfully Ivchenko kills Nikola. Meanwhile Thomspon freezes and is to scared to help in the shootout. A minute later Dugan blows a hole in the wall, allowing everyone to escape. Carter pushes Thompson to man up and leave the building. They then escape with Ivchenko using one of the trucks.[5]
  • In New York Dooley waits for Edwin Jarvis at his car. When Jarvis arrives Dooley asks him about the fist fight Stark had with McGinnis. When Jarvis says he does not know anything about this Dooley tells him that he just wants to know the truth and gives Jarvis a card with his number.[5]
  • At the Griffith Hotel Dottie Underwood uses the key she stole to enter Carter her bedroom. Here she steals one of the photos taken in the Strategic Scientific Reserve's lab and the Sweet Dreams Lipstick. She then places the Carter her safety measure back and leaves the room.[5]
  • As Carter bids farewell to the Howling Commandos, Carter aks Ivchenko if he wants to go with them to the United States, claiming that they could use his help to fight Leviathan. Ivchenko, claiming he has nowhere elso to go agrees.[5]
  • On the plane ride home, after talking about how he freezed Thompson tells Carter the truth about how he became a war hero. The Japanese he killed entering his camp carried white flags and were attempting to surrender, he just noticed to late and burried the white flags before anyone would notice. Thompson tells her that he always wanted to tell someone this story and that it becomes harder and harder to live with everyone thinking he is a guy he is not. She decides that his secret is safe.[5]
  • Before going to sleep Underwood cufs her self to the bed.[5]
  • After debriefing the mission Dooley meets Ivchenko. Thompson invites Carter, who was talking with Daniel Sousa to join them at the bar, telling her he owns her a bourbon. Sousa, now distrustful of Carter, looks at the photo from La Martinique while Carter walks away.[5]


  • At the New York Bell Company Office Ivchenko tells Roger Dooley, Jack Thompson and Peggy Carter about the way he was recruited into Leviathan.[6]
  • When Carter wants to know as much as possible about the girls at the Red Room Academy Dooley takes her outside his office, telling her that he wants to know as much as possible about Leviathan and that he does not care about the girls. When Carter tries to convince him that one of the girls grew up to kill Ray Krzeminski and trick Howard Stark he sends her away to follow this lead.[6]
  • Carter goes to the L&L Automat to wait for Edwin Jarvis. While waiting Angie Martinelli performs an audition she has had for a part on stage.[6]
  • After Jarvis his arrival Carter explains the situation to him, asking for a list of all the women Stark has entertained in the last six months.[6]
  • Dottie Underwood leaves the subway system in front of the New York Bell Company Office. After a quick look at the building she enters the opposite building for a job interview at Seth Honicky's Dentistry Office.[6]
  • Daniel Sousa visits the prison to learn more about the women that attacked Sheldon McFee. In exchange for the identification of the women Sousa would shorten McFee's time in prison. Sousa then showed him a photo of Carter and McFee identifices her as the women that attacked him.[6]
  • To get a list of women Carter and Jarvis visit Albert, a jeweler that makes bracelets for every woman Stark dates. After recieving the list of names from Albert Carter starts crossing names of the list, explaining to Jarvis that these people are well known and established people in New York City and could not be Russian spies.[6]
  • During the interview Underwood kills Seth Honicky.[6]
  • Carter and Jarvis start visiting the women left on the list, trying to see if they got scars on the wrist from being cuffed to the bed. After the first three women on the list they have to visit Ida Emke.[6]
  • At the office Ivchenko and Dooley take a break from work to have a drink. Meanwhile Underwood prepares a sniper gun. While seemingly looking outside to see more of New York City Ivchenko and Underwood communicate in code. Ivchenko tells Underwood that he needs more time and orders her to kill Carter.[6]
  • When there is no one at home in the appartment of Emke Carter enters the room to find information. Here she notices scretches on the bedpost from the handcuff. Carter tells Jarvis to track down the owners of the building while she talks to neighbours to gain more information about Emke. The would meet at the Automat.[6]
  • Still on their break Dooley and Ivchenko talk about Dooleys family problems. Ivchenko uses this time to try and hypnotize Dooley. They are disturbed when Sousa enters the office to give Dooley the information he required about Carter being a traitor. After recieving these information Dooley sends agents from Washington, D.C. to the Automat to arrest Carter.[6]
  • Ambush at the L&L Automat: At the Automat Carter and Jarvis share the information they gained. Carter then notices that everyone besides a few agents from D.C. leave the Automat, which is part of procedure 791: Isolate the suspects, remove the civilians before arrest. Carter then tells Jarvis to block the frontdoor while she takes care of the rest. After beating the three agents inside the Automat Jarvis and Carter leave via the backdoor. Here they are stopped by Thompson, who keeps Carter at gunpoint. Carter then knockes him down. Jarvis and Carter split up and agree to meet at the Dublin house. Before leaving the street to visit the Griffith Hotel she is again stopped at gunpoint. This time by Daniel Sousa. She apologizes to him before running away.[6]
  • Back at the office Dooley is displeased to hear that Carter managed to escape the men. Dooley threatens that everyone there will become grade school hall monitors if they fail to apprehend Carter. Dooley then orders Yauch to babysit Ivchenko while he deals with the Carter debacle. Ivchenko while talking to Yauch hypnotizes him and has him tell everything he knows about the Howard Stark investigation, his inventions and how to escape the building. Ivchenko then instructs Yauch in how he wants him to commit suicide.[6]
  • Meanwhile Thompson, Sousa and a group of agents travel to the Griffith Hotel. They enter the building shortly after Carter. After learning the roomnumber from Miriam Fry the agents move upstairs to Carter her room, where at the same moment Carter is retrieving the Blitzkrieg Button out of its hiding place.[6]
  • The agents enter Carter her room where they start searching for her, but Carter just in time left the room via the window and hides on the ledge. The agents then visit Angie Martinelli her room, who just before had noticed Carter standing on the ledge. The agents start questiong Martinelli her friendship with Carter. Martinelli uses her acting skills and a lie to help Carter. The agents soon leave her room to talk to other neighbours, not being able to handle a crying woman. After the agents left Martinelli allows Carter into her room.[6]
  • To help Carter escape Martinelli calls her brother, who promises to drop a car at the Dublin building. They then say goodbye to eachother and Carter leaves the room.[6]
  • On her way out Carter runs into Underwood, who kisses Carter unexpectedly. Because Underwood wears Carter her Sweet Dreams Lipstick she is knocked out unconscious. While falling down Carter notices the handcuff scars on Underwood her wrists. Before being able to kill Carter using a knife Thompson and Sousa approach Underwood. Underwood tells them that she found Carter laying on the floor this way. The agents handcuff Carter and take her with them to their car. While walking trough the Griffith Hotel the other residents follow them outside, watching them while Carter is placed in the back of the police car. From the back of the car Carter looks at Underwood, standing between the residents.[6]
  • At the New York Bell Company Office Carter tells Dooley that she can explain it all.[6]
  • In the evening, when Fry wants all the residents downstairs Martinelli knocks on Underwoods door to get her. When she enters the room she notices it being empty. [6]
  • In the interregation room, where she is handcuffed to the table, Dooley tells his men not to go easy on her just because she is a girl.[6]



From then on, propavly 3 months later




  • John Flynn reprimands Carter for not going through proper procedures in the Zodiac mission. Howard Stark contacts Flynn, telling him Peggy Carter is going to co-manage the newly created S.H.I.E.L.D. with him.[7]

After the Foundation of S.H.I.E.L.D.

Bucky on ice

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