Fantastic criticly failed, and well we do not know financially, it might not be a big hit either.

After this fail, Fox will propably realise that FF hasn't been their francise, it has not done them well and might want to focus on X-Men. For Fox it would be awesome to make TV-shows about the x-men, but they do not have the rights to use X-Men characters for TV. A trade between Marvel and Fox (TV Rights of X-Men for everything FF related) might become a real option for Fox.

For the MCU this would mean that they could add the FF, not that they are needed. What is more important is that this would mean they could add, by example Galactus to the cosmic world, the Skrull could become big with the Super Skrull, and what about the Silver Surfer. Getting the rights back for FF related topics would enable Marvel to do alot for their cosmic side.

I personally hope that FF after this movie wont do well financaly, and that such a trade would happen. The MCU doesnt need the X-Men TV rights, but we could use the FF rights.

What do you think?