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Personal To-Do List

My personal to-do list:

1. Checking, renaming and making all the disambiguation-pages consistent. Linking the correct pages to these disambiguations.
2. Checking and renaming all images of Maps. Giving them the propenrame and making the a gallery for them.
3. Checking all organisation pages to make them consistent in the way of subsections.
4. Adding all Symbol-images to category, renaming them and making a gallery for them.
5. Adding all images of musicians (artist and groups) in a category + renaming them to be consistent.
6. Adding all files/ID-Cards etc. to a category
7. Figure out how to get rid of allot of other uncategorized images

If anyone has any feedback on these things, please post.

Suggested image categories:
Book covers - Covers of all books
Book panels/pages - For all pages from the books
Concept art
A group for writers/authors of the books and comics (Name needed).
Maintentance - For stuff like the IMDB logo, Twitter logo, images of words (Featured video) and back grounds.

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