Marvel Cinematic Universe


SSR members


New York Bell Company Office

Name Position Status during activity
Roger Dooley Chief Deceased
Jack Thompson Chief Unknown
Peggy Carter Agent Active
Comden Agent Active
Corcoran Agent Deceased
Henry Agent Active
Ray Krzeminski Agent Deceased
Mike Li Agent Deceased
Rick Ramirez Agent Active
Butch Wallace Agent Active
Yauch Agent Deceased
Alex Doobin Scientist Active

Strategic Scientific Reserve Brooklyn Facility

Name Position Status during activity
Chester Phillips Leader Active
Howard Stark Scientist Active
Abraham Erskine Scientist Deceased

Auerbach Theatrical Agency

Name Position Status during activity
Daniel Sousa Chief Active
Beringer Agent Deceased
Blackwell Agent In custody
Fisher Agent Active
Ford Agent Active
Harper Agent In custody
O'Malley Agent Active
Ryan Agent Active
Vega Agent In custody
White Agent Deceased
Aloysius Samberly Scientist Active
Rose Roberts Phone Operator Active

Strategic Scientific Reserve New York Office

Name Position Status during activity
John Flynn Senior Agent Active
Johnson Agent Active
Miller Agent Active
Wilkes Agent Active

Washington D.C. Office

Name Position Status during activity
Reese Agent Active
Messner Agent Active

Howling Commandos

Name Position Status during activity
Steve Rogers Captain America/Howling Commando Presumed Deceased
Bucky Barnes Howling Commando Presumed Deceased
Dum Dum Dugan Howling Commando Active
Jim Morita Howling Commando Active
Gabe Jones Howling Commando Active
Jacques Dernier Howling Commando Active
James Montgomery Falsworth Howling Commando Active

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