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  • Turtletrekker

    For those of us in the USA, this might be a cool thing to go out and do before going to a midnight showing of Captain America: The Winter Soldier.

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  • Turtletrekker

    I want to discuss with the community the practice here of labeling Agents of SHIELD episodes by number rather than title on the show's main page and gallery and elsewhere.

    I think, that as the season gets longer, it will be less confusing to simply label by title. When some says an episode title, I know exactly what they are talking about. When I hear a number, I have to do the math in my head before I know what's up.

    This is a problem that will only be compounded with all of the new shows heading our way. Between Agent Carter and five Netflix shows, that's six more "Episode One", "Episode Two", "Episode Three", ect; to add to the confusion.

    I move that we remove the superfluous episode numbers in favor of the distinct episode titles.

    I will g…

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  • Turtletrekker

    Oh, and Merry Christmas. ;)

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  • Turtletrekker

    "Centipede Group"?

    November 2, 2013 by Turtletrekker

    So, we know that the mysterious agency behind "Centipede" is an on-going, recurring threat in season one. In "Girl in the Flower Dress" our team referred to them as the "Centipede Group" or somesuch, but that obviously isn't going to be the groups real name. Also, the serum and the organization should have distinct entries from each other.

    So my question to the community is this-- Should we hold off off on giving this shadow organization its own page until we know more, or should we get ahead of the game and give them a place-holder page, one that we know will eventually be moved/re-named/absorbed once their real identity is revealed?

    And if so, what to call it? "Centipede Group?"


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  • Turtletrekker

    Just because a character or an item or an event or something doesn't have a page yet doesn't mean that you shouldn't provide a link, even if that means leaving a red link or a few on a page.

    Red links tell us where there are holes to be filled, and if the red link isn't there, then we can't see the hole.

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