Okay, I have watched both Seasons of Daredevil and seriously, there is always one thing that has always bugged me. Matt has been operating as a vigilantie for a while: First, there was his stint as The Man In Black. Then he finally got an upgrade to the Daredevil bodysuit, which is so much better than the original costume. There is something that's been missing, something that always bugged me: The lack of a voice changer. How many people in his life has Matt interracted as himself and as Daredevil? A lot! Now Matt doesn't go to any effort to disguise his voice at all! That strikes me as careless for someone who makes an effort to hide his identity. How does he expect to operate if someone were to recognize his voice? It's a miracle that none of his enemies have figured it out yet.

Write this if you agree that Matt should get a voice changer.