Marvel Cinematic Universe

  • Vigilante SA

    With the announcement of Spider-man coming to the MCU. I have given some thought as to how I think they should introduce him.

    I know most people didn’t like the last two Spider-man films but I enjoyed them (I agree they could have been better but they were still good) and Andrew Garfield Played a great Peter Parker. I was also looking forward to the Sinister Six movie if done correctly it could be a really good film.

    My First thought on how they could add the wall Crawler to MCU is have Andrew Garfield play Spiderman in Captain America: Civil War. The Amazing Spider-man and The Amazing Spiderman 2 are already set in the MCU. TASM happened after the Avengers hence the Ridiculous crane swinging scene and TASM 2 is based just before and after C…

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  • Vigilante SA

    Should the Marvel Cinematic Universe be combined with the Amazing Spider-man film Universe and the X-men Film universe. 

    I am a aware that different Companies own the rights (Sony owns Amazing Spider-man and Fox own X-men) but they could still combine the universes. ill explain how with how the movies would appear in Chronological order.

    Captain America: The First Avenger - The Film is set During WWII and Heroes are unheard of as Captain America was the first super hero. at this time Mutants are just starting to appear (Magneto, Xavier, Wolverine and Sabastian Shaw). Captain America never met Wolverine as Wolverine was in the pacific and Cap was in europe. Red Skull deviated from the Nazis so he possibly didnt have anything to do with Sabast…

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