Should the Marvel Cinematic Universe be combined with the Amazing Spider-man film Universe and the X-men Film universe. 

I am a aware that different Companies own the rights (Sony owns Amazing Spider-man and Fox own X-men) but they could still combine the universes. ill explain how with how the movies would appear in Chronological order.

Captain America: The First Avenger - The Film is set During WWII and Heroes are unheard of as Captain America was the first super hero. at this time Mutants are just starting to appear (Magneto, Xavier, Wolverine and Sabastian Shaw). Captain America never met Wolverine as Wolverine was in the pacific and Cap was in europe. Red Skull deviated from the Nazis so he possibly didnt have anything to do with Sabastian Shaw.

X-men: First Class - This Film Happened in the 1960's 

X-men Origins: Wolverine - Happened in the in 1979. 

X-men - the first X-men film would most probably be based around 2003/2004. Mutants are Known and S.H.I.E.L.D monitor the X-men. Tony Stark has made enemies and friends. 

X-men 2 - the film is set a few months after the first X-men (2004/2005). Col. Stryker uses S.H.I.E.L.D data to find the X mansion

X-men: the Last Stand - mutants are struggling as there is now a mutant cure. the film is also set 7months after X-men 2. (2005/2006)

The Hulk -  (If you include this movie as the Incredible hulk film was going to be the second film to this) Bruce banner turns into the Hulk and goes on the run in South America.

The Wolverine - the Film would be Set in 2007 and Logan has isolated himself from Society and the X-men have disbanded.

Ironman - the film is set in 2008. Tony Stark is Captured and becomes Ironman. Mutants are well know and are counted as normal humans.

Ironman 2 - The Film is set a year after ironman. Corporations are trying to replicate the Ironman Suit. Trask industries is one company tryning to replicate and start the sentinel program. Magneto and Xavier are aaware and contact logan.

Incredible Hulk - set around the same time as Ironman 2. 

Thor - Thor is set a few months after Incredible Hulk. this start S.H.I.E.L.D starting the Phase 2 Project. Bolivier Trask has the go ahead with Sentinal program.

Avengers - the Chitari invasion happemns in the year 2012. the avengers battle the invaders. the X-men do not appear as they are busy with the X-men Days of futures past.

agents of S.H.I.E.L.D - Phil coulson begins his covert team

Ironman 3 & amazing Spiderman - Both are set a year after the invasion.

Thor 2 and Captain America: Winter Soldier are set a year or two after Ironman 3

Amazing Spiderman 2 is set a year after the previous film

Avengers 2: age of Ultron: is set a year after Captain america 2 and Quicksilver leaves the X-men to join te avengers (quicksilver is in X-men: Days of futures past)

Avengers 3: Ultimates or AvX (my thouught for the film if this happened)

This is how i belive All the movies could be tied in. the likliness of this happening is about the same as me being in these films but it would be great if it does happen.