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I have a theory for  Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D.

Season One = Captain America: Winter Soldier, villain Winter Soldier.

Season Two = Avangers: Age of Ultron, villain Ultron.

Than most likely

Season Three = Civil War, villain Baron Zemo.

Something will have to happen to Malick and It if Zemo is leader of HYDRA in Civil War. So the second half of Season Three: It kills Malick and takes over HYDRA and continues from than on to taking over the world. The Agents of SHIELD stop It by unleashing Baron Zemo, a leader who will use HYDRA for good. But It takes over Zemo's body but SHIELD doesn't know. Zemo leads HYDRA as It and plans to kill every other super-powered being on Earth leading up to him trying to kill the Avengers in Civil War.

But also.

Season Four = Docter Strange, because it can't be Guardians of the Glaxy because they're in space and it can't be Spider-Man because his film is in July.

Season Five = Black Panther, Like Thor: The Dark World in Season One, just cleanup.

Season Six = Avengers Infinity War, aftermath of Thanos almost destroying Earth just like the aftermath of Age of Ultron in Season Two.

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