Since Marvel has kicked it off with Phase 3 already and with Spider-Man: Homecoming coming in about a year, why not think in the future about Phase 4 and what films that might accompany? Since Phase 3 does have some cool films lined up, we all pretty much know what it's going to be, so all the speculation and whatnot has to be placed beyond that.

None the less, I have some ideas of what I would like to see in the Marvel Cinematic Universe after the conclusion of Infinity Wars.

Spider-Man 2

- July 14th 2019 - Kraven the Hunter

Note: Yeah, yeah I get this isn't technically Phase 4, but I honestly just hate seeing that Inhumans release date slot remain dormant! Besides, if Homecoming is successful they're probably going to want a sequel as soon as possible to make with quality. Making this a perfect slot, and a nice fun, subtle way to end Phase 3. Plus, one of the reasons Inhumans got moved was because it conflicted with Disney's other property, Indiana Jones. But since the Spider-Man franchise will be distributed by Sony Pictures, it won't be a Disney v. Disney brawl, or even then just move Spider-Man up a couple weeks to August.

Summary: As Peter Parker is preparing to graduate High School, his fame as a superhero has brought up the attention of Kraven the Hunter. A brutal Russian warrior who wants the honor of "hunting" the Spider-Man. Meanwhile, Norman Osborn starts to take considerable strides towards paranoia and mental insanity as he continues to run Oscorp as best as he can. Can Peter deal with his mentor's mental degeneration, Kraven's brutality, and the average responsibilities of a young man in New York?

Iron Man 4

- May 1st 2020 - Living Laser

Note: Now to officially start off Phase 4! I think Iron Man deserves at least one more movie, considering how two and three were viewed to be disappointments good old Tony Stark deserves one more chance at glory. To try and re-capture some of that magic from Iron Man 1. And with RDJ saying he's down for one more movie, the beginning of Phase 4 in May is the perfect time for this movie. Besides, considering how his last movie made over a billion dollars, I think another one would be essentially an excuse for Disney to print Money and make another Billion dollar blockbuster!

Summary: In the aftermath of Infinity Wars, Tony Stark is planning on retiring and attempts to sell his Arc Reactor Technology to the highest bidder, which is bought by over-ambitious scientist Arthur Parks to his own uses. He tries to tinker with it and merge the power into his own being causing him to fuse with the element. Horrified by this, Dr. Parks attacks Stark Industries demanding Tony Stark cure him. He must done the Iron Man suit one last time to put down this Living Laser from terrorizing anymore innocents

Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 3

- July 10th 2020 - Ego the Living Planet

Note: We all knew this was happening after Vol. 2 was announced, even Feige confirmed they had plans for the Guardians of the Galaxy in Phase 4. Anyway, we need to see what happens to our favorite Space-Rangers after Phase 3. One more fun, nostalgia riddled space adventure could do just that. If Marvel has the rights to Galactus/Silver Surfer and the Fantastic Four rights by July 2020, then this could be a really fun movie.

Summary: After the Guardians of the Galaxy return to Space, Peter Quill must defend Xandar and the Andromeda Galaxy against one of their strangest threats yet, a sentient planet with a large ego (see what I did there?). But in order to help stop this being they must go to the master of destroying planets, the Mighty Galactus himself! But, he may be less than willing to lend a hand to the Guardians in their quest. With guest appearances from The Collector, Grandmaster and The Silver Surfer!

Doctor Strange 2

- November 6th 2020 - Shuma-Gorath

Note: Hopefully if Doctor Strange is successfully enough Marvel will want to make a sequel to it, maybe this time with more travel to alternate dimensions and Doctor Strange fighting the monsters that originate from them. Like, Shuma-Gorath or Satannish, the former I think would be pretty nuance and interesting to see on screen. Plus if the first film introduces the weirdness of magic in the MCU who's to say how far they could go in future installments. A giant tentacle based Cthulu-esque demon might seem normal in the Doctor Strange franchise!

Summary: Experienced sorcerer Doctor Strange continues to explore the other realms and defend Earth from the Magic that threatens it, but his skills and training is put to the test when he must battle Shuma-Gorath. A reality conquering demon with a nightmarish, animalistic appearance and power to go with it. Can he actually defeat the creature or is all hope lost for the earth!?

Black Widow & Hawkeye

- March 2021 - Taskmaster

Note: This has been requested for a long time, and Phase 4 might just be the time to deliver it. Black Widow especially is played by a talented actress and has been shown to be a character who can stand on her own. Hawkeye could also be interesting to give more development and exploration, and this could happen with Ant-Man & the Wasp introducing Duo films. Finally exploring the motivations for two of the MCU's original superheroes. Come on Marvel, this was a long time coming

Summary: Black Widow and Hawkeye are working under Director Nicholas Fury in S.H.I.E.L.D. to stop the ever-present threat of Hydra (cut off one head, two more grow in it's place!). With their newest super soldier yet, a warrior who can copy the fighting style of any soldier he is battling against, it will require the Avengers' finest to have any hope of stopping this adversary!

The Incredible Hulk 2

- May 2021 - The Leader, Red Hulk

Note: Speaking of long time coming, when was the last MCU Hulk movie, 2008!? In Phase 1, Huh!?!? I mean I know his movies didn't do superb, but he's a popular superhero, and an essential member of The Avengers. Plus, Mark Ruffalo's portray has gotten a lot of critical praise from fans and critic alike. I have no issue seeing a movie starring someone of his talent with a character and Avenger like The Incredible Hulk not making some box office. I bet the whole Universal distribution confusion probably halted a Hulk sequel from coming, but still, if they could do it with Iron/Thor/Captain America with Paramount, why would Universal be too much different? Come on, guys! Hopefully by 2021 the rights return 100% to Marvel Studios so this movie can FINALLY get a follow up.

Summary: After 13 years since the Battle of Harlem, Samuel Sterns has risen up as the maniacal Leader, and his obsession with Gamma Radiation and only grown larger and more extreme (along with his cranium) over these years. With him even experimenting on the reluctant General Ross to finally stop the Hulk, becoming the insane and powerful, Red Hulk. The Hulk will have many battles to overcome, and loose ends to tie with Samuel Sterns rise to power.

Ant-Man 3

- July 2021 - Whirlwind

Note: As with Guardians of the Galaxy, Ant-Man will (should) probably have a third film in Phase 3 to make this a trilogy, besides Paul Rudd does have some charm as the hero and I'm sure Evangeline Lily can make The Wasp interesting and cool as well. Doesn't need to be too crazy or innovative of a movie, just a fun, popcorn flick. Which the MCU DOES need every now and then, not everything can be Civil War level stakes after all! Plus, with the Avengers getting outsourced in Phase 4 (as confirmed by the Russos) the Ant-Man and Wasp might be more important to establish sooner, rather than later

Summary: Ant-Man and Wasp continue to be superheroes, patrolling and saving San Francisco. But when a threat comes along that can disrupt their way of life, they must drop their crime fighting antics against lowly criminals to stop this foe. A man called Whirlwind who can control the air currents, and might be able to literally blow these tiny heroes away.


- November 2021 - Magneto, Mystique

Note: Now for one I want to see, I know there are people on this Wiki who don't want to see the X-Men join the MCU in Phase 4 but this is my wishlist, if you don't like go write your own blog. But back on topic, who is to say Fox and Marvel Studios don't get friendly in 2021 and decide to share the rights for the Fantastic Four and X-Men? Weirder things have happened. Maybe Whirlwind in the previous film, could actually b the MCU's first Mutant (I want at least one person in a Marvel film to say that word, just once).

Summary: Cyclops, Jean Grey, Storm, Beast, Wolverine, Jubilee, Gambit, Rogue and Professor X are the X-Men, fighting for the rights of a Mutants and the safety of humans in a world that despises and fears them. Their enemies Magneto, and his second in command Mystique. Mutants whom see humans as their enemies and wish to dominate them with their Mutant powers, opposed to Charles Xavier's ideas of co-existence between humans and Mutants. Will be distributed by 20th Century Fox instead of Marvel Studios, and will contain the original X-Men theme

Black Panther 2

- February 2022 - White Wolf

Note: Black Panther (as if Doctor Strange) if successful should get a sequel within Phase 4. I would like if they expand the history of Wakanda more with this movie, and have more interaction with the other superpowered nations in the Marvel Universe. If they get the FF rights they can use Latveria, and they could also from the Sub-Mariner rights use Atlantis as well.

Summary: Wakanda and Atlantis are in hot water with one another, after multiple conflicts have arisen between the Black Panther of Wakanda and Namor of Atlantis. These "conflicts" however are the mischief of the Black Panther's older adoptive sibling, The White Wolf who is trying to sabotage T'Challa's reign. Will he succeed with the two nations going to war, or will they realize the folly and team up to stop the troublesome sibling?

Captain Marvel 2

- May 2022 - Dr. Minerva

Note: Captain Marvel (as with Black Panther & Doctor Strange) if successful should get a follow up film, which I think should work to introduce Kamala Khan. She is one of the most popular MCU heroes now, and with Captain Marvel (Carol Danvers) being established with her first movie and Infinity Wars, this is an excellent time to actually introduce her. Plus, it could open the doors to Inhumans (which could still happen down the road).

Summary: With the Kree and their mighty Empire continuing to play a part in Carol Danvers life, she must team up with one of her biggest fans, an Inhuman named Kamala Khan to take on a geneticist and villain who plans to wreck havok on Earth.

Spider-Man 3

- July 2022 - Green Goblin

Note: Officially the Phase 4 MCU-Sony Spider-Man film, I think they should definitely make this movie a more coming of age film about Spider-Man really finding his roots and the friendly neighborhood hero that is beloved by so many people. Maybe this time he can finally face the Green Goblin again, and (hopefully) the creators can do him right!

Summary: With the Green Goblin on the lose in New York City, Spider-Man must stop his greatest foe yet while continuing to struggle with simple shortcomings of living in the city and pleasing his girlfriend. But when his superhero career starts to become more and more demanding, and a seductive Cat Burglar starts to hit on him, he begins to question who he is or what he really wants in life.

Fantastic Four

- December 2022 - Mole Man

Note: The Fantastic Four are Marvel's first family, and deserve after all this time be brought justice by the studio that made such properties like Captain America, Thor and Guardians of the Galaxy work. By this point, Fox should just sell the rights to them for a decent profit, not even being associated with the franchise anymore after the failure that was Fant4stic, ugh! Another fun, family movie by Marvel Studios, like I said not every film needs to have really high stakes and be super series. With the Green Goblin conflict in Spider-Man, fans might need a break from all that drama.

Summary: The Fantastic Four fight for New York City against the reclusive and psychotic, Mole Man and his evil "Mole" robots. Meanwhile, Dr. Doom from Latveria grows more ambitious with his schemes and attracts the minor attention of his old rival, Reed Richards, or Mr. Fantastic and his team while Marvel's First Family stretches it's self thin trying to contain these threats.

Captain America 4

- March 2023 - Sin

Note: Captain America: Civil War was a great movie, one of the crown jewels for the Marvel Cinematic Universe. It would be a shame if this movie didn't get a follow up or a ssequel at all, even if (I hope not) Chris Evans has to be replaced, but maybe Sebastian Stan can do him some justice.

Summary: The Hydra's most elite order has a cult following for who they believe to be their founder, Johann Schmidt, the Red Skull. Where one member actually re-creates the experiment that gave Red Skull his disfigurement, causing her to become as deranged as him with it!

New Avengers

- May 2023 - Dr. Doom

Note: The Avengers Assemble! But after Thanos, there aren't many threats who will feel as... well, threatening. Except for Victor Von Doom, arguably one of Marvel's greatest villains. He's been locked off from use by Marvel because they haven't had the Fantastic Four rights, but if Fox does in this alternate universe sell them the rights, they can totally use him for an Avengers film, all while being established as a big threat throughout the Phase 4 slate!

Summary: Doctor Strange, Black Panther, Ant-Man, The Wasp, Captain Marvel, Hawkeye, Black Widow and The Hulk fight the greatest threat since Thanos, the supreme leader of Latveria Dr. Doom. With enough magical prowess to match Doctor Strange, intelligence to belittle Tony Stark, and fighting skills to dwarf the Black Widow, Dr. Doom is surely a threat none of the Avengers will be able to underestimate, if they are to have any hope of stopping him from his goal of world domination.

Thor 4

- November 2023 - Surtur

Note: With Thor getting another film in a little over a year, I think maybe he should be made into a quadrilogy to do the character justice. Asgard is just such a big and immersive place and the three films barely scratch the surface of what his section of Marvel can offer, they haven't even introduced Beta Ray Bill yet. With Thor: Ragnarok doing a lot to establish Planet Hulk and set up Avengers, I think they should have this film be exclusively Thor and Asgard.

Summary: As Thor continues to lead Nobly as a hero, when a Surtur and his fire demons attack it might mean a sign of the end for their great and powerful kingdom. But the mighty Thor will not go down without a fight, with the help of a being who lost everything to Surtur the two must find a way to stop the fire demon and save Asgard.