Hey everyone! Obviously we've all seen the Season 2 finale of Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D.. If you're anything like me, you smacked yourself in the forehead for even thinking for a moment that Joss Whedon would let us off the hook on a content note. One moment, Simmons has agreed to discuss dinner arrangements with Fitz, the next moment, she has been sucked into the Kree Stone.

Thank you Whedon, those sleepless nights were a crapload of fun.

But back to business. There have been theories flying around the internet about exactly what happened to our favorite biochemist. One of Elizabeth Henstridge's own theories is that Simmons was transported somewhere through the stone. Another, less creative theory the actress had, was for the stone to simply spit her back out. Should that happen... I would want to strangle Whedon. After all, a heart attack-inducing event like that has got to have an EPIC payoff.

The point in this long rant is to ask this... What do YOU think happened to Jemma Simmons?