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Vanaheim is one of the Nine Realms, home to the Vanir.


In 2011, Vanaheim was invaded by the Marauders, a group of rag-tag pillagers.[1] Two years later, the Asgardian army led by Thor and one of their own, Hogun, managed to defeat the Marauders and liberate Vanaheim from their oppression. That same year, the Convergence occurred, and during the Battle of Greenwich on Earth, two Royal Air Force jets were transported to Vanaheim. Once the event ended, the jets returned safely to Earth.[2]


  • Vanaheim is seen to be densely wooded with little evidence of heavy-industrialization of space-faring races. While its people do possess weapons similar to the Asgardians, they apparently live in camps and small villages, rather then large cities.
  • In the non-canon video game Thor: God of Thunder, the Rock Trolls of Nornheim were banished from their native realm and they occupied Vanaheim. Skraelings are also inhabitants of Vanaheim.


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