The Venue Manager is a manager at Delaney Hall‏‎ who encountered Kilgrave.


Upon finding out that Kilgrave had used his powers to silence everyone during a concert at Delaney Hall Jessica Jones and Luke Cage decided to visit the location. Since the hall was closed the two of them broke in. Inside they were yelled at by the venue manager, who told them to get out, since they were closed. By acting like undercover agents of the New York State Liqour Authority Jones and Cage, who lied about undercover drinking at the last nights concert, got the manager to allow them to come to his office.

At his office the manager handed a bundle of cash to Jones, in order to let the underage drinking slip. Even with the money Jones and Cage still wanted to see the footage. When opening the map the manager was suprised to find both the video as the audio footage removed.

While being upstairs Kilgrave had entered the hall and used the microphone to get the attention. Upon noticing who used the microphone the manager reacted suprised, before being send a way by Jones and Cage.[1]