Verliecki was a contact of Nick Fury during his time as an agent of the CIA in the Cold War.


In order to discover a CIA agent as a mole, Nick Fury asked Verliecki to collaborate faking a mission. The mission partnered Fury with Escobar, the presumed mole inside the agency, with the goal of recovering dossiers of undercover CIA operatives in Soviet territories.

Fury seemingly obtained Verliecki's whereabouts during an interrogation in a nightclub, and both Fury and Escobar arrived at Verliecki's appartment. Fury fought against Verliecki and seemingly defeated him.

Escobar revealed his true intentions, but after a struggle with Fury that ended with the latter being held at gunpoint by Escobar, Verliecki knocked Escobar out from behind.

Verliecki prompted Fury to flee before the authorities arrived to the location, supposedly taking the briefcase. It turned out that the whole mission was to discover Escobar's true affiliation and to turn him out as a mole; the case was actually filled with cigars. Escobar was given a CIA identification with his photograph, with Nick Fury's name written on it, to be framed of Fury's previous actions in Soviet territory.

The Soviet authorities, attracted by the gunshots, found Escobar unconscious and tied to a chair by Verliecki.[1]