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"I need you on my side, Janet. I carry you. I carry this whole family, and the least you could possibly do is give me some support."
―Victor Stein to Janet Stein[src]

Victor Stein is a genius engineer, inventor, and the founder and CEO of Nemo, as well as a member of the PRIDE. While serving the needs of Jonah by creating technology that kept him alive through human sacrifices, Stein also raised his son Chase with his wife Janet, being abusive to both of his family members. When a brain tumour caused Stein to struggle with his work he began to break apart, soon discovering his wife was sleeping with Robert Minoru. When Stein came close to death, Jonah saved his life but this only resulted in Stein having a mental breakdown in which he attacked his son, causing Janet to shoot him. Stein then fell into a coma and Jonah vowed to save his life somehow.


Early Life

Meeting Janet

"Time travel's not about going back and forth. It's about staying right where we are, about positioning ourselves so that we remain in the presence of beauty."
―Victor Stein to Janet[src]

Victor Stein meeting Janet in class at Culver.

Victor Stein graduated and went to Culver University and met a woman named Janet in class. The two discussed the idea of inventing time travel and quickly became smitten with each other. Showing himself to have a brilliant mind, Stein worked himself in engineering and eventually founded Nemo Industrial, a manufacturing company and moved to Los Angeles with Janet.[1]

Birth of Chase


Stein holding his newly born son, Chase.

"He's ... he's..."
"Yeah. I get it know, what everybody says."
"And what's that?"
"This is the only thing that matters. Just this."
―Victor Stein and Janet Stein[src]

Victor married Janet Stein and the two had a son named Chase Stein in 2000. On the day Chase Stein was born, Victor held him and talked with the nurse briefly. Victor told Janet that he understood what everyone meant when a child is the only thing that matters.[1]

Joining PRIDE

Victor and Janet joined PRIDE in 2003, an group lead by Leslie Dean to sacrifice individuals to Jonah. To hide their agenda, the group aligned with their companies and made PRIDE appear as a Los Angeles-charity organization and used the Church of Gibborim to sacrifice members who were helped off the street.

Abusing Chase


Stein questioning his own son's resentment.

"You don't know shit about sh...!"
"Say it again."
"You don't know shit about...""
―Victor Stein and Chase Stein[src]

Victor became more focused on his work, leading him to become abusive towards Janet and Chase Stein. Despite being named Time's man of the year, he constantly disappointed his son who became to resent him. One day, Victor missed the city championship where his son won the trophy, failing his promise he made that morning. Picking up Chase, Victor was criticized by Chase who mocked him for being awarded and considered a visionary. Victor ordered him to stop, but Chase cursed him, leading to Victor to punch him hard enough to hit the door window, shocking the boy. Stein dared his son to say again, having to hit him again in anger when he cursed him for the second time.[1] Unbeknownst to Victor, Janet had begun an affair with Robert Minoru, their fellow member of PRIDE due to his abuse he gave her.

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Near Death


Stein puts on the Fistigons to attack Chase.

"What, what were we moving on to? Father and son, playing together at the beach."
"I'm an idiot."
"I am making you a man! But you don't want that, do you? You wanna be a baby!"
―Victor Stein and Chase Stein[src]

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Victor Stein has a brilliant mind and is great at engineering and making ground breaking technology but is abusive towards his wife, Janet, and son, Chase, causing his wife to cheat on him and his son to hate him. Whilst under the influence of Jonah's drug he was extremely loving towards his family causing Chase to love his father again and Janet to end her affair for the sake of her family. However, Victor fell back into his old ways that lead to him attacking Chase before being shot by Janet.

Powers and Abilities

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  • Genius-level Intellect: Victor Stein showed himself to be brilliant individual, being awarded and crowned a visionary by many news companies and magazines.
  • Expert Engineer: Victor excelled in engineering, working with his son on the Fistigons and X-Ray Specs.
  • Expert Businessman:






Behind the Scenes

  • James Marsters has stated that his performance as Victor Stein is inspired by Vincent D'Onofrio's portrayal of the Kingpin in Daredevil: "He did a Kingpin that so surprised me. It was in so many ways exactly opposite of what I was expecting, of what I’d read in the comics. In the comics, Kingpin is always charming. He’s an extrovert. He’s in control of any social situation. And in private he’s mean and that’s the contrast. Vincent just flipped it 180° and went for the vulnerabilities and the insecurities in the character. He was able to bring out a sophistication that you can’t get in a static image."[2]
  • Simon Potter was a stunt double for James Marsters in the role of Victor Stein.


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