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"When stolen Wakandan Vibranium was used to make a terrible weapon, we in Wakanda were forced to question our legacy. Those men and women killed in Nigeria were part of a goodwill mission from a country too long in the shadows. We will not, however, let misfortune drive us back. We will fight to improve the world we wish to join."
T'Chaka at the signing of the Sokovia Accords[src]

Wakanda, officially known as the Kingdom of Wakanda, is an isolationist country located in Africa. It is ruled by the heir of the title of Black Panther and is the only known source of the metal Vibranium.


Discovery of Vibranium

Sometime in the 1940s, Howard Stark, the founder and CEO of Stark Industries, sent his researchers to Africa. It was in one of its deepest regions that the researchers discovered Vibranium, a metal that supposedly absorbed vibrations and kinetic energy naturally.

Stark later crafted a shield out of the Vibranium and hosted a demonstration of this discovery at Ciro's, a famous local nightclub in Los Angeles.[1]

S.H.I.E.L.D. Surveillance

Wakanda full

Nick Fury and Tony Stark discussing the Avengers Initiative.

Wakanda was marked as a "hot-spot" for activities monitored by S.H.I.E.L.D. As such, it was displayed in the holographic maps used by the organization to oversee those activities, such as the ones present in the room where Nick Fury met with Tony Stark to discuss his formal integration into the Avengers Initiative.[2]

Theft of Vibranium

At a certain point in time, black-market arms dealer Ulysses Klaue attempted to smuggle large amounts of Vibranium out of the country. He was eventually caught and had the word "thief" burnt into his neck.[3]

Sokovia Accords

"You know if they find out he's here, they'll come for him."
"Let them try."
Steve Rogers and T'Challa[src]
After a terrorist attack in Lagos claimed the lives of twenty-six people, eleven of the victims being relief aid workers from Wakanda, King T'Chaka was one of several international politicians who called for the United Nations to create a system of accountability.

Sometime later, the United Nations passed the Sokovia Accords before arranging a formal ceremony at the Vienna International Centre in Austria. T'Chaka and his son T'Challa were among those in attendance. 

During the ceremony, as T'Chaka gave the keynote address, a bomb detonated and decimated the building, killing T'Chaka and twelve other people. 

Immediately following the bombing, T'Challa was crowned King and set out to avenge his father's death after security footage "revealed" that Bucky Barnes orchestrated the attack. He eventually learned, however, that former intelligence officer Helmut Zemo framed Bucky Barnes in an attempt to divide the Avengers.[4]

Wakanda CW HD

A statue of the revered Black Panther

Following Zemo's arrest and imprisonment, T'Challa granted Barnes and Steve Rogers asylum in Wakanda, promising to watch over the former until his mind could be cleansed of the mental programming implemented by HYDRA.[5]


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