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"First Walkie-Talkie Wristwatch, 1936, Poland. They only made 20, I think."
Phil Coulson[src]

The Walkie-Talkie Wristwatch is a small communications device concealed inside a watch.


One of the items in the collection that Phil Coulson maintained in his office was a Walkie-Talkie Wristwatch, created in Poland in 1936.

There were less than 20 of the watches made.[1]

The watch still worked, but it was destroyed when Coulson jury-rigged it to detonate in order to free himself and Skye when they were trapped in his office by Tobias Ford. [2]

Jackson watch

Jackson Norriss using his wristwatch

Jackson Norriss, a terrorist of the Ten Rings organization, had a watch that functioned similarly and he used it to contact an extraction team to break Trevor Slattery out of Seagate Prison under orders of the Mandarin.[3]


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