"Oh, excuse me. Lady Sif and the Warriors Three."

The Warriors Three are a team of elite Asgardian warriors, comprised of some of the best warriors of Asgard.


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The Warriors Three appeared at Thor's coronation ceremony. After the invading Frost Giants are defeated, Thor convinced the team, Lady Sif, and Loki to come with him to Jotunheim to exact revenge. They continued to fight the Frost Giants and, when they are in time of need, Odin appeared and took them back to Asgard, where he banished Thor to Earth.

As Odin had previously fallen into his Odinsleep, Loki took the throne. He refused to take back Thor's banishment. Disappointed, they convinced Heimdall to allow them and Sif to go to Earth. They arrived there and casually walked through the streets, being seen by S.H.I.E.L.D. Agents Garrett and Cole, until they found Thor inside a building. Loki sent the Destroyer to attack and kill all of the Asgardians on Earth. They all worked together to fight the Destroyer, but they could not defeat it. Thor sacrificed himself before the Destroyer to protect his friends and proved to be worthy. He received Mjølnir and was able to defeat it. Thor, along with the team and Lady Sif, went back to Asgard. The Warriors Three and Lady Sif stayed behind to help the injured Heimdall, while Thor continued on to defeat Loki.

The Warriors Three were present at the celebration feast after the crisis was over.[1]

The Warriors Three listened as Thor gave a speech before they went to battle the Marauders. [2]


Name Position Status
Fandral Member Alive
Hogun Member Alive
Volstagg Member Alive



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