"Give me security, I need Warshauer in the chamber now, I think we might have a breach... I don't know, just something ain't right... Just get him down here!"
Rufus Hunt[src]

Warshauer is a security guard at the Arena Club.


Arena Club Security

Encountering Peggy Carter

"Hey you, you're not supposed to be here!"
"Miss Wendy! The powder-room is this way!"
―Warshauer and Edwin Jarvis[src]

Warshauer was told to report to the chambers when Rufus Hunt called security because he had a feeling that something was improper in the secret room where the Council of Nine met. Warshauer arrived to the chambers to find a young lady there; he was angered because not only were women not allowed in the Arena Club, she was close to the secret room. Suddenly, club prospect Edwin Jarvis appeared and called to "Wendy", telling her that she chose the wrong direction in her quest for the bathroom. Warshauer watched as the two quickly left the scene.[1]