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NBA Finals Party Invite (Spider-Man)

Peter Parker receives an invitation to Tony Stark's party for the NBA Finals

"No way! I'm gonna watch the NBA Finals with Mr. Stark!"

Watch the Game is a four-part promotional web series for Spider-Man: Homecoming released as a tie-in to the 2017 NBA Finals.


The Invite

Watch the Game 17

Tony Stark insists Peter Parker is invited

In Avengers Tower, Tony Stark is deciding what to wear for the NBA Finals with the aid of Happy Hogan. Hogan asks Stark for his approval on the guest list for the party that will be held at the tower for the NBA Finals and Stark advises him to keep it sophisticated. He then instructs Hogan to invite Peter Parker, which Hogan is reluctant to do out of fear that he will be stuck babysitting him. Stark insists upon it and Hogan agrees to invite Parker. He then asks if he can shave off his goatee and Stark refuses, reminding Hogan that he now has to look like him due to the fact that his team lost. Stark asks Hogan which jacket he should wear and Hogan advises that he go for a third option, prompting Stark to order him to leave.

Watch the Game 18

Happy Hogan runs through the guest list

Hogan tells F.R.I.D.A.Y. to update the guest list for the party and she asks if they should invite Steve Rogers. He tells her that it is too soon and she sends out the approved invitations. Spider-Man receives his invitation on his phone and is overjoyed that he will be watching the game with Stark. A criminal whom he has just webbed up asks if he will let him go, to which Spider-Man laughs and replies "Nice try, buddy!" before departing.[1]

Peter Arrives

Peter Parker & Happy Hogan (Spider-Man Homecoming Promo - NBA Finals TV Spot)

Happy Hogan tells Peter Parker to get snacks

One week later, Parker arrives at Avengers Tower for the party. Hogan tells him to go downtown and get some snacks for Tim Duncan. Parker complains that the game is about to start and Hogan assures him that he will get there faster with his Web-Shooters. Hogan gives Parker some money and orders him to bring the change back.

Late for the NBA Finals (Spider-Man Homecoming TV Spot)

Spider-Man successfully stops a robbery

As Parker changes into his Spider-Man Suit in an alleyway, he hears an alarm go off and rushes towards it. He discovers two criminals stealing a television from an electronics store and webs both of them up. He sees the game in progress on a television in the window and rushes down the street. As he goes, a man sees him and declares "I think I know that guy!".[2]

The Bodega

Spider-Man & DJ Khaled (Spider-Man Homecoming NBA FInals TV Spot)

Spider-Man unexpectedly meets DJ Khaled

As Spider-Man reaches a bodega, he receives a call from Hogan demanding to know what is taking so long. He runs in and grabs the crackers, insisting that he will be back at the tower soon. He joins the queue and begins to ask the man in front of him if he can skip ahead of him, only to discover that it is DJ Khaled. They are both starstruck to meet each other and Khaled reveals that he is also on the way to Stark's party. Two female customers approach them and ask for a picture, and to the surprise of both of them they want a picture with Spider-Man rather than DJ Khaled, which Khaled admits has never happened before. Khaled takes three pictures of them together before Spider-Man notices the game on a nearby television. He informs them that he needs to leave and gives the clerk the money, telling him to keep the change despite Hogan's order that he bring it back.[3]

The Party

Watch the Game 83

Peter Parker arrives at the NBA Finals party

Parker returns to Avengers Tower, removing his mask in the elevator. He is amazed when he enters the party area and is starstruck to meet Magic Johnson. Johnson notices the crackers he is carrying and points him to the couch where Tim Duncan is sitting watching the game with Hogan. Parker pushes his way through the crowd and joins them on the couch, giving the crackers to Duncan. To his disbelief, he sees Stark on the screen and discovers that he is watching the game at the arena rather than in the tower. Hogan asks Parker if he has his change, to which Parker shakes his head. Duncan then offers some crackers to Hogan, who accepts them.[4]





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