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"The government is keeping secrets, things we don't know until cities fall out of the sky. The Avengers, more like them every day, protected, hidden. Not anymore! We want this information released, a list of who they are, where they are or you will have war on your hands. We are the Watchdogs. You will obey."
―Watchdog Alpha[src]

Alpha was one of the members of the Watchdogs, the terrorist organization founded by Felix Blake. He took charge of an attack on an Advanced Threat Containment Unit facility using Nitramene before he led a man hunt for Alphonso Mackenzie, a suspected Inhuman, only to be killed by his target in the fight.


Attack to the ATCU Facility


Alpha attacks an ATCU facility

Alpha joined the Watchdogs following his deep hatred for the Inhumans. In 2016, he and his team sent a message to WZTM News from South Bend, Indiana, where they threatened the government and the Advanced Threat Containment Unit for not sharing with the world information about the Inhumans, and then destroyed an ATCU Facility with a Nitramene-filled rifle. Alpha and his team then withdrew to their headquarters in Easterling Farms, where they got new orders from their leader Felix Blake.[1]

Hunt in Naperville

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"All right, let's kill this freak!"
―Watchdog Alpha[src]

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