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"This is it. The Water of Sight."
"In every realm, there's a reflection. If the water spirits accept me, I can return to my dream, and find what I missed."
"The men who enter that water... the legends don't end well."
Erik Selvig and Thor[src]

The Water of Sights is a body of water where Norns reside. Thor stated that each one of the Nine Realms have a reflection of the Water of Sight. According to Thor, he stated that if the spring's spirits accept him, it would allow him to recall his vision elicited from Scarlet Witch's powers.


"I thought the Norn Cave was in Asgard."
"In every realm, there's a reflection. The Norns see what no eye can - what is and what's to come."
Erik Selvig and Thor in a deleted scene[src]

Leaving the safe haven provided by Clint Barton's HomesteadThor told Steve Rogers that he must unlock the secrets of the hallucinations created by Scarlet Witch during the Battle at the Salvage Yard. Thor found Erik Selvig to help him to find the "Water of Sights". Thor entered the pool and lightning engulfed him as he revisited his nightmare. He saw visions of the destruction of Asgard, of the Infinity Stones, and the birth of Vision.[1]


Avengers age-of-ultron screen18

A Norn at the Water of Sights.


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