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"You know what I think is really cool? This webbing. Tensile strength is off the charts. Who manufactured that?"
"I did."
Tony Stark and Peter Parker[src]

The Web-Shooters are a pair of wrist-mounted mechanical devices developed and used by Spider-Man to project synthetic webbing.


Creation and Use

Old Web-Shooter

Peter Parker's first Web-Shooter.

"Is this stuff coming out of you?"
Sam Wilson[src]

The Web-Shooters and Web Formula were designed and built by Peter Parker himself using homemade materials shortly after he gained his powers. Parker then started using them to fight crime in New York City.[1]


Spider-Man Civil War 06

Spider-Man shooting his webs.

The Web-Shooters were upgraded by Tony Stark after Peter Parker joined him against Captain America. A holographic "Spider-Signal" was added to the shooters along with communication options.[1]


  • Web-Shooting: The web-shooters are capable of shooting thin strands of extremely durable and elastic web-like substance. The high tensile strength of the synthetic webbing is sufficient to support the weight of large vehicles such as buses and trucks. Spider-Man is able to use the web-shooters offensively by "webbing" his opponents, and can also use them for transport by swinging on web-lines. The web-fluid impressed Tony Stark who exclaimed the tensile strength was "off the charts".
  • Spider-Signal: A holographic signal built into the devices by Tony Stark.


  • This version of Peter Parker has web cartridges attached to the waistline of his suit, allowing him to easily refill his web-shooters whenever he runs out.


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