"Hate to deprive you of my company, beautiful"
Hawkeye while shooting the Wristbow[src]

The Wristbow is a weapon used by Clint Barton during a security exercise to test the safety of the Helicarrier.


Clint Barton infiltrated the Helicarrier as part of a security exercise, where he had to try to download a file containing an assessment about the candidates to the Avengers Initiative.

Agent Natasha Romanoff had to try to prevent the infiltration, and fought against Barton in the archive room. Barton attacked Romanoff with the Wristbow, but was able to deflect the arrow and retaliate using the Black Widow's Bite, a weapon specially designed for her that emitted an electrical discharge. However, her weapon malfunctioned after the first shot and she had to discard it.[1]