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"Enough nonsense, Ravager! Time to die..."
Maskless Sakaaran to Yondu Udonta[src]

The Yaka Arrow is a whistle-controlled arrow made from Yaka that uses technology native to the Centaurian people. The Yaka Arrow is Yondu Udonta's favored weapon. Highly skilled in its usage, one is always kept in a holster by his side.


Yondu Udonta, a Centaurian and the leader of the spacefaring smugglers known as the Ravagers, is widely recognized for carrying a Yaka Arrow, which he keeps close by in a holster at his side. Yondu often relies on his arrow to intimidate others while either brokering deals, interrogating others, or dealing with defiant or insubordinate crew members, maneuvering the arrow close to the person's head to threaten and intimidate them into complying with his interests.


Udonta threatens the Broker.

On Xandar, Yondu visited the shop of the Broker to gain information regarding the Orb's potential buyer as a lead to finding Star-Lord and the stolen Orb. When the Broker attempted to dodge the question in order to maintain his client's confidentiality, Yondu drew his arrow and used it to intimidate the Broker into answering.

After he picked up both Star-Lord and Gamora, Yondu Udonta used his arrow to threaten to kill Star-Lord for defying the Ravagers and stealing the Orb for himself.

GOTG Yondu Arrow 1

Yondu Holding the Arrow after defeating the Sakaarans.

While surrounded by Sakaarans during the Battle of Xandar, Yondu used his Yaka Arrow to kill the soldiers, as well as destroy a nearby Necrocraft.[1]


The Yaka Arrow is a weapon forged from Yaka metal by the Centaurians. Yaka Arrows respond to a specific range of sonic frequencies which change the material's behavior. The arrows themselves are able to defy gravity and move freely through the air at great speeds as well as being highly durable and sharp, allowing them to pierce through most targets, including the hull of a spacecraft.

The arrows are controlled by high-pitch sonic frequencies, which Centaurian natives are able to produce by whistling. As with other weapons, Centaurians have to train themselves to be proficient at controlling the arrows with accuracy and precision. Changes in the users' whistling directs the arrow and causes it to gain both speed and momentum or suddenly stop at will, as well as rapidly and fluidly change direction. Skilled Centaurians can direct an arrow to rapidly fly back on forth among targets across a battlefield, striking numerous targets before they are able to react, all before returning the arrow to themselves.


  • In the comics, the Yaka Arrow can actually change its direction, but not speed, in response to certain high-octave whistle-sounds some Centaurians can produce. Yondu is so skillful at controlling his arrows, he can cause an arrow to return to his hand or weave its way through a crowd of people without touching them.


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