A collection of quotes of the CEO of Cross Technologies Darren Cross A.K.A. Yellowjacket.




Spoken by Darren Cross

"Just imagine a soldier the size of an insect. The ultimate secret weapon."
―Darren Cross[src]
"Well, I was inspired by the legend of the Ant-Man. And with my breakthrough shrinking inorganic material, I thought, could it be possible to shrink a person? Could that be done? Well, it's not a legend anymore. Distinguished guests, I am proud to present the end of warfare as we know it. The Yellowjacket!"
―Darren Cross[src]
"The Yellowjacket is an all-purpose weapon of war capable of altering the size of the wearer for the ultimate combat advantage."
―Darren Cross[src]
"I spent years carrying around my anger for Hank Pym. I devoted my genius to him. I could’ve worked anywhere. I chose my mentor poorly. You didn’t even have a choice. He never believed in you. It’s a shame what we had to do, but he forced us to do it."
―Darren Cross to Hope van Dyne[src]
"I'm the future of war!"
―Darren Cross[src]
"I deserve EVERYTHING that's coming to me!"
―Darren Cross to Hope van Dyne[src]
"Mr. Carson introduced me to these fine gentlemen here, they’re representatives of HYDRA. They’re not what they were, they’re doing some interesting work. And I’m enjoying myself!"
―Darren Cross to Hank Pym[src]
"I always suspected you had a suit stored away somewhere. Which begs the question, who is the new Ant-Man? Who is the man that my beloved mentor trusted even more than me? Scott Lang. A martyr who took on the system and paid the price, losing his family and his only daughter in the process. Exactly your kind of guy, Hank! He escapes his jail cell without leaving any clue as to how. And then he disappears magically, despite having no money to his name. And now he brings me the Ant-Man suit. The only thing that can rival my creation."
―Darren Cross to Hank Pym[src]
"Get me to the roof. And radio ahead. I want to make sure the helicopter is ready to take off. You two, kill anything that comes out of that vault!"
―Darren Cross to his bodyguards[src]
"I'm gonna show you just how insignificant you are."
―Yellowjacket to Ant-Man[src]
"Sorry, sweetheart, you have to help daddy pay for his mistakes."
―Darren Cross' last words to Cassie Lang[src]

Spoken about Darren Cross

"I took on a young protgégé called Darren Cross."
"Darren Cross. He's a big deal."
"But before he was a big deal, he was my assistant. I thought I saw something in him. The son I never had, perhaps. He was brilliant, but as we became close, he began to suspect that I wasn't telling him everything. He heard rumors about what was called the Pym Particle, and he became obsessed with recreating my formula. But I wouldn't help him. So he conspired against me and he voted me out of my own company."
"How could he do that?"
"The board's chairman is my daughter, Hope. She was the deciding vote. But she came back to me when she saw how close Cross was to cracking my formula. The process is highly volatile. If one isn't protected by a specialized helmet, it can affect the brain's chemistry. I don't think Darren realizes this, and, you know, he's not the most stable guy to begin with."
Hank Pym and Scott Lang[src]
"Why don't you pick on someone your own size?"
Ant-Man to Yellowjacket[src]


"We live in an era in which the weapons we use to protect ourselves are undermined by constant surveillance. It’s time to return to a simpler age. One where the powers of freedom can once again operate openly to protect their interests. An all-purpose peace-keeping vessel. The Yellowjacket can manage any conflict on the Geo-political landscape, completely unseen. Efficient in both preventative measures and tactical assault. Practical applications include: surveillance, industrial sabotage, and the elimination of obstructions on the road to peace. A single Yellowjacket offers the user unlimited influence to carry out protective actions and one day soon, an army of Yellowjackets will create a sustainable environment of well-being around the world. The Yellowjacket."
―Video voice on the Yellowjacket suit.[src]
"Hank, will you tell our guests what you told me every single time I asked you was the Ant-Man real."
"Just a tall tale."
"Right, because how could anything so miraculous possibly be real."
―Darren Cross and Hank Pym[src]
"Darren, there’s a reason that I buried these secrets."
"So you finally admit it. We could’ve done this together, Hank. But you ruined that. That's why you're the past and I'm the future."
Hank Pym and Darren Cross[src]
"Darren, I don’t think you understand…"
"Hm. We still haven’t worked out all the bugs. Goodbye, Frank."
Frank and Darren Cross[src]
"Commence experiment 34C, organic atomic reduction."
"Darren, maybe we should think…"
"Shrinking organic tissue is the centerpiece of this technology. I can’t go to the buyers with half a breakthrough."
―Darren Cross and Hope van Dyne[src]
"Pym Tech, the company you created, is about to become one of the most profitable operations in the world. We’re anticipating fifteen billion in sales tomorrow alone. You’re welcome. I know this is odd, but I’d like you to be there. This is my moment, I want you to see it."
"Sure, Darren. Yeah, sure. I’ll be there."
―Darren Cross and Hank Pym[src]
"What did you see in me?"
"I don't know what you mean."
"All those years ago, you picked me. What did you see?"
"I saw myself."
"Then why did you push me away?"
"Because I saw too much of myself."
―Darren Cross and Hank Pym[src]
"I gotta hand it to you, Darren, you really did it."
"And you only know the half of it, Hank."
―Darren Cross and Hank Pym[src]
"Don’t do this. If you sell to these men, it’s going to be chaos."
"I already have, and for twice the price, thanks to you. It’s not easy to successfully infiltrate an Avengers Facility. Thankfully, word travels fast."
Hank Pym and Darren Cross[src]
"Did you think you could stop the future with a heist?!"
"It was never just a heist!"
―Darren Cross and Ant-Man[src]
"I'm gonna disintegrate you!"
"Playing Disintegration by The Cure."
―Yellowjacket and Siri[src]
"You insult me, Scott. Your very existence is insulting to me. You know, it'd be much easier to hit you if you were bigger."
"Yeah, I agree."
―Yellowjacket and Ant-Man[src]

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Spoken by Darren Cross

"Well, they don't draft the stupid kids first."
―Darren Cross[src]
"Hank Pym was my friend, and mentor, but mentors are meant to nurture their protege's potential, not stunt it."
―Darren Cross[src]


"Pym Tech has yet to roll out a single new product during your time as CEO."
"Is there a question?"
James Rondell and Darren Cross[src]