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"We do not do that to each other! We're Ravagers! We have a code!"
"Yeah, and that code is steal from everybody."
Yondu Udonta and Peter Quill[src]

Yondu Ravager Clan is one of the hundred clans of the Ravagers. Distinguished by their crimson garbs, this clan was lead by Yondu Udonta until the mutiny led by Taserface. Following Yondu's death during the Battle on Ego's Planet, Peter Quill/Star-Lord took over the mantle of captain.


The Ravagers were led by Yondu Udonta and were affiliated with Ego, who was Peter Quill's father.

Kidnapping of Peter Quill

Milano on Eath

The Ravagers abducting Peter Quill on Earth.

In 1988, they abducted Peter Quill to return him to his father, but neglected to do so.[1]

Hunting Down Star-Lord

Ravagers morag 2

The Ravagers on Morag.

In 2014, Quill, who now went by the alias of "Star-Lord", went to Morag and stole an Orb that the Ravagers were hired to receive for a third party, double-crossing the other Ravagers to sell the Orb himself.[1]

A Questionable Partnership


Peter Quill and Yondu Udonta making a deal.

"You betrayed me! Steal my money! When I picked you up as a kid, these boys wanted to eat you. They ain’t never tasted Terran before. I saved your life!"
"Oh, will you shut up about that? God! Twenty years, you’ve been throwing that in my face, like it’s some great thing, not eating me!"
Yondu Udonta and Star-Lord[src]
On Knowhere, the Ravagers eventually found Quill, and he turned himself in to them. Quill negotiated a deal with Yondu to hand over the Orb in exchange for help to stop a Kree terrorist called Ronan the Accuser from using the Orb to destroy Xandar.[1]

Battle of Xandar

Guardians Of The Galaxy FBB4621 comp v067.1031

Tha Ravagers defending Xandar.

On Xandar, numerous M-ships went to fight Ronan's forces, and Yondu was shot down. Quill and his team, known as the Guardians of the Galaxy, managed to win the fight against Ronan while many of the Ravagers were preoccupied with Ronan's forces.[1]

Escaping Xandar

Afterwards, Quill pretended to give Yondu the orb, but secretly swapped it with a Troll Doll. The Yondu and Kraglin later discussed that it was a good thing they did not give Quill to his father as they were hired to do.[1]

Encounter on Contraxia

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Attack on Berhert

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Escape from the Eclector

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Battle on Ego's Planet

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The Ravager Flames used on their uniforms and their M-ships.





  • Due to their popularity, the Ravagers were introduced into the main Marvel Comics universe.


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