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"Hey, do you wanna help us get out of here? There's something I need you to get and bring back to me. In the Captain's Quarters there is a Prototype Fin, the thing I wore in my head, there is a drawer next to the bed, it's in there... it's red. Do you got it?"
Yondu Udonta to Groot[src]

Yondu Udonta's Fin is a prosthetic metal piece on the top of the head of Yondu Udonta that he uses to control the Yaka Arrow.


First Fin


Yondu threatening the Broker.

Yondu Udonta and Kraglin Obfonteri traveled to Xandar to meet Broker. While admiring some of the strange artifacts that Broker had for sale, he made his true intentions known quickly using his Fin to draw his Yaka Arrow and aim it at the Broker's head demanding to know who the Broker intended to sell the Orb to.[1]

A Questionable Partnership


Yondu threatening Peter Quill.

Yondu initially planned to kill Peter Quill because of his betrayal with the Orb and despite Quill's attempts to explain, Udonta used his Fin once more and aimed his Yaka Arrow at Quill's throat and prepared to execute him, but when Quill convinced him that it was possible to steal the Orb from Ronan the Accuser with the insider knowledge provided by Gamora, they decided to work together.[1]

Battle of Xandar

Yondu and Arrow

Udonta uses his arrow to kill Sakaaran soldiers

Udonta survived the crash and got out of his wrecked ship when he turned around and saw several Sakaarans surrounding him and ordered him to command his men to attack the Nova Corps. Instead of obeying, Udonta calmly opened his jacket without a word and whistled; as the Sakaarans stood momentarily confused, he used his Fin to control his arrow to single-handedly kill every Sakaaran in front of him, even causing one of their ships to crash and explode.[1]

Attack on Berhert

After Ayesha hired the ravengers to hunt down the guardians of the galaxy,Yondu and the ravengers went to Herbert.He wanted to sell the Anulax batteries so the ravengers staged a mutiny against Yondu.Nebula then shot Yondu's fin,so after they were arrested,The fin was left in Berhert.

Second Fin

Escape from the Eclector

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  • In the comics, the Centaurians have a natural crest, or Tahlei, which is supported by a bone structure.
  • Yondu's second Fin, featured in Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2, was created to resemble the one that the character have in the comics.


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