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The Zealots are a separatist faction of the Masters of the Mystic Arts led by Kaecilius.



Kaecilius arguing with the Ancient One.

Having lost his wife and unborn son due to a tragic neurologic disease, Kaecilius joined the Masters of the Mystic Arts. The leader of the order, known as the Ancient One, promised him to expand his spiritual knowledge, so that he could finally get over the pain resulting from the loss of his family. However, despite becoming quite a talented mystic artist, Kaecilius was not satisfied with the knowledge his mentor shared with him. After confronting her, but once again being denied, he decided to look for answers by himself.[1]

Birth of the Zealots

The Zealots, lead by Kaecilius, about to attack the Kamar-Taj library.

He approached some of his fellow trainers, who also believed they had not found out the "truths" they were promised by the Ancient One, and offered them to teach the answers they were looking for. Together, they formed the Zealots and declared war on the Ancient One.[1]


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