The Zehoberei[1] are a nearly-extinct alien race. Gamora, the adopted daughter of Thanos, is the only known surviving member of this species.


The Zehoberei were a race that was nearly all obliterated by Thanos. Gamora, the only known survivor, was taken in as his daughter and trained as his assassin.[2]

Characteristic Traits

The Zehoberei are a humanoid race, distinguishable from humans for four biological traits of note. The first is their light green skin pigments.

The second is that their facial bone structure is somewhat different than humans.

The third is their skin tissue, which is much more resistant to physical harm. While weaker than certain species, such as Asgardians, the Zehoberei's skin is much more durable than a human's skin. The increased tissue density also contributes somewhat to their physical strength.

The fourth major difference between Zehoberei and humans is the presence of a second liver, which allows Zehoberei to enjoy a larger number of alcoholic beverages than other races.[3]

Notable Zehoberei


  • In the comics, the Zen-Whoberi is a race that was wiped out by Adam Warlock, one of Thanos' greatest enemies and Gamora's recurring love interest.
  • Gamora has distinctive markings on her forehead and cheeks. This may be a result of her cybernetic augmentation, or it may be a trait shared by other members of her race.


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