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"I'm Zhou Cheng, disciple of my master Ch'i-Lin, sworn defender of the Hand."
―Zhou Cheng to Iron Fist[src]

Zhou Cheng is a master martial artist serving the Hand and loyal to Madame Gao, guarding one of her compounds within Anzhou, China. When Cheng was challenged by the Iron Fist, he fought the Hand's enemy until he was defeated and beaten into unconsciousness.


Protecting the Hand

Showdown with Iron Fist

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  • Master Martial Artist: Zhou is a master of the Zui quan style of Kung Fu, a style that allows him to fight well even when intoxicated.
  • Multilingual: He speaks his native Chinese, and English fluently.





  • In the comics, Zhou Cheng is the host of the mystical monster Ch'i-Lin, who seeks to kill every Iron Fist on the day of their 33rd birthday to absorbs their chi in order to open a door to K'un-Lun.

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