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"Romeo would be ashamed of you. You're such a disappointment."
"You're the second person to say that to me today. I'm my own man, Shades."
Shades and Zip[src]

Zip was an enforcer working for the crime boss Cottonmouth who often came into conflict with Luke Cage. However when his boss was murdered, Zip began working first for Shades and then for Diamondback. When he was ordered to assassinate Shades, he was overpowered and executed by his target.


Working for Cottonmouth

Thugs as Bodyguards

Zip and Sugar were tasked to be bodyguards for Mariah Dillard. While Dillard visited the park to raise support for the New Harlem Renaisance Sugar and Zip followed her around. Dillard told them to stay further away from her. When Cornell Stokes visited the park Dillard complained about the thugs following her around, scaring everyone. Stokes reminded her that they are there to protect her, hand out flyers and get contribution tributes.[1]

Robbing Genghi Connie's

That evening Zip and other members of their gang, stood outside Genghis Connie's to pass out flyers. When Luke Cage walked by Zip asked him what time it was. Cage answered, after which Zip handed him a flyer and told him to stay Harlem and stay black. After the restaurant closed they entered Genghis Connie's to threaten Jin and Connie Lin into giving money to support Mariah Dillard. Upon entering Zip used his baseball bat to destroy some decoration in the store, before he sat down on a table. He watched on while Sugar tried to convice the Lins into giving them money. Following the refusal of Jin Lin to give them money Zip angrily told them to do so.

At this moment Cage, who had just entered the restaurant, told them that he did not like his tone and that they were being disrespectful to the Lins. Following a brief conversation Zip told Amos to show Cage what he was famous for. Instead of knocking Cage out Amos himself got taken down. This angered Zip who tried to use his baseball bat to hit Cage. Instead of hurting Cage the baseball bat broke on impact with Cage's arm. Immediatly after Zip was thrown against a the wall, where he broke a mirror and fell down on a table.[1]

Declaration of War

A few days later Zip witnessed a meeting between Cornell Stokes and Domingo Colon. When Colon left Harlem's Paradise Zip approached Stokes to ask what was happening. Stokes told Zip to get his Spanish dictionary, since Colon had just declared war on them.

Later that evening detective Rafael Scarfe, who had just killed Chico Diaz,, entered Harlem's Paradise. Angry with his arrivel Stokes and Zip walked up to him. Scarfe gave Zip his car keys, telling him that he would find the body of Diaz in the trunk of his car. Zip walked to the car to retrieve the body.[2]

State of the Union

Amos was told to come to Harlem's Paradise for a so called "State of the Union". During the meeting Cornell Stokes and Darrell Mitchell discussed the financial situation after what happened at Fort Knox. When Mitchell mentioned Luke Cage Koko raised his hand in order to say something. The statement Koko made did not fall well with Stokes, who took out his gun and killed Koko. This shocked Amos, who sat on the couch behind Koko and got splattered with his blood. Zip was told to take the gang and to hit the street, every business between 110th and 155th, and take half of there money, to recoup the money Stokes had lost. If asked why they were they doing this they should tell them to go visit Cage at Pop's Barber Shop and ask him why they are paying the "Luke Cage stupidity tax". Before leaving with the others Stokes ordered Zip to call Joel Spurlock since they were going to need his services.[3]

Luke Cage's Treat

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Recruited by Diamondback

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Killed by Shades

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