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"Remember when I made you ride the Cyclone on Coney Island?"
"Yeah, and I threw up."
"This isn't pay back, is it?"
Bucky Barnes and Steve Rogers[src]

The Zip-line Gun is one of Antoine Triplett's grandfather's Howling Commando items.


Assault on HYDRA Headquarters

Zipline 1

The Howling Commandos preparing to use the Zip-line.

Captain America, Bucky Barnes and Gabe Jones used the Zip-line Gun to assault the HYDRA armored train. This assault led the Strategic Scientific Reserve to take Arnim Zola into custody.[1]

After Captain America distracted the Red Skull by infiltrating HYDRA headquarters in the Alps, members of the Howling Commandos used Zip-line Guns to zip-line into the base from the adjacent mountain, storming the base through its window.[1]

Howling Commando Gear

Zipline 3

Agent Coulson and Agent May escaping the Cybertek Corporate Headquarters

Antoine Triplett retrieved his grandfather's Howling Commando gear and offered it to Phil Coulson as a tactical advantage during the undercover investigation on Cybertek and the missions to come. The Zip-line Gun was among these items.

Triplett later used his grandfather's Zip-line Gun to create an escape route for Phil Coulson and Melinda May when they performed an undercover infiltration mission within Cybertek Corporate Headquarters.[2]


Similar to a modern spear-gun, a Zip-line Gun is a gun-like device that launches a spear-like metal bar with an attached zip-line to set up a zip-line path for transportation. The gun is designed to launch its spear with enough force to embed it in a surface at a variable distance and properly anchor its end of the zip-line. After firing, the zip-line unravels from a spool below the barrel of the gun. The spear and gun ends of the zip-line can then be properly anchored to allow transportation from a higher area to a lower base level or across a large open space.



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