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Zrinka is a woman who lived in Sokovia and who was trapped during Ultron's final attack on its capital city, Novi Grad.


Zrinka and her younger brother Costel were in the marketplace of Novi Grad while, in the mountains overlooking the city, the Avengers led an Attack on the HYDRA Research Base. Missile fire started to rain down on the city streets from the HYDRA Research Base; the Iron Legion entered the city and asked the citizens to find shelter for their own protection. As the citizens began to throw rocks at the robots, Zrinka ran to Costel and grabbed him in a protective manner.

Days later, a Helicarrier deployed Transporters to evacuate Novi Grad, as the city rose above the country of Sokovia. Zrinka was already onboard, but she lost sight of Costel. She began screaming for him. Her cries were heard by a man who left the Transporter to find her brother. Zrinka and Costel were reunited aboard the Helicarrier.[1]






"This is for your brother...This is not for your brother."
Quicksilver to Zrinka[src]


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