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"That night, her husband found out she wanted to leave him, and he followed her to the bus stop with a gut full of beer and a butcher knife in his hand."
Matt Murdock to Foggy Nelson[src]

Zuly Almeida is a client of Nelson and Murdock.


Zuly Almeida visited Nelson and Murdock where she claimed that her life was in danger. Since Nelson and Murdock had no legal recourse to offer Foggy Nelson recommended her a shelter for battered women. When she tried to go to the shelter her husband found out that she wanted to leave him and he followed to a bus stop with a gut full of beer and a butcher knife. He followed Zuly Almeida with the intention to hack her into many pieces.

This never happened due to the intervention of Daredevil and instead of killing her he woke up in a hospital with two broken arms and a restraining order safety-pinned to his chest.[1]